Ozark Grills’ innovative wood pellet smoker infuses full flavor into every recipe. No longer are you limited to grilling alone! Our state of the art system combines elements from charcoal smokers, gas grills, and the traditional kitchen oven into one easy to use backyard cooker. Fueled by wood pellets, our grills breathe smoky flavor such as that of a charcoal grill – but with the convenience of a gas grill and the control of an indoor oven. This allows you the ability to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise and sear with an easy to use electric control panel. Ozark Grills uses advanced algorithms and precise sensors to feed fuel to the fire, regulate airflow and maintain constant cooking temperatures to ensure a perfectly put together meal no matter what.

Our wood pellets are composed of 100% natural food-grade hardwood. You can trust that at Ozark Grills we do not include fillers or chemicals of any kind in our pellet products. What we do include is flavorful combinations ranging from mesquite, to hickory, and apple. All guaranteed to provide a perfect burn, and consistent flavor every time.

At Ozark Grills’ sauces and rubs are our specialty. We carry a variety of different sizes and flavors all guaranteed to make their mark! Key ingredients bring together a balanced blend of sweet and savory to generate the perfect addition to any recipe.

The Razorback

The Stag

The Bison